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Foot Care Newsletters
Are You Doing Your Laces Up Properly?
Not all shoes are created equal and everyone’s feet are different. Specific lacing techniques can improve the fit of shoes to solve common problems.
Your Child's Feet
You worry about your children’s teeth, eyes, and other parts of the body. You teach brushing and grooming, but what do you do about your child’s feet - those still developing feet which have to carry the entire weight of the body throughout a lifeti
Foot Ulcers
The term ulcer is generally used to refer to breaks in the normal integrity of the skin.
728 Burloak Dr., Burlington, Ontario
(Just south of the QEW)
Halton's Foot Care Specialists
Treating Foot pain in Milton, Burlington and Oakville Ontario

 At the Foot & Health Clinic, we can relieve your foot pain symptoms as well as offer foot pain treatment for more serious cases. From general foot care to diabetic foot pain, the Foot & Health Clinic can offer you expert advice and understanding of your symptoms, pain and treatment.

Led by Registered Chiropodist Salima Kassam and with over 7 years experience in treating patients from Burlington, Milton and Oakville Ontario as well as across the GTA, the Foot & Health Clinic is one of the leading practices for foot treatment and care. Our clear explanations of your foot problems as well as our friendly and professional approach ensure that you can feel comfortable discussing any issues regarding your feet.

Although viewed as one of the lesser parts of the body as far as health importance is concerned, feet problems can cause more than just discomfort and pain. Some serious foot problems can arise including diabetic neuropathy, arch and heel pain (plantar fascitis), ankle and knee pain, flat feet (most notably in children), plantar warts. At the Foot & Health Clinic we will guide you through the whole foot care process and help you understand why the proper care of your feet is so important.

With regular newsletter updates and a pleasant and friendly environment, the Foot & Health Clinic is the only place you need when it comes to your foot care and health.Winner, Best Chiropodist Awards

Award Winners-

Best Chiropodist!

Foot Orthotics
Abnormal foot function can cause pain and imbalance in the leg, knee, hip and back. Foot Orthotics are custom designed to restore proper foot function and alleviate discomfort. See what Foot Orthotics can do for you.
Diabetic Foot Pain
Diabetic neuropathy is a common result of diabetes.  It normally affects the feet first and the pain can be excruciating. Our special care program will help alleviate pain and treat this painful disease. 
Halton's Foot Care Specialists Serving Clients in Oakville, Burlington and Milton
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