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Plantar Warts – Causes, Symptoms& Treatment

Plantar warts or verruapedis are skin infections of the HPV virus. Plantar warts are commonly confused with corns or callus. The big difference between corns/callus and warts is the cause. Corns/calluses are due to pressure whereas warts are due to the HPV virus.

How can you tell you have a plantar wart?

plantarWarts typically are painful to the touch. Upon closer examination of the wart, you will notice that one’s natural skin lines are interrupted. In the center of the wart small circles will be seen.

How to Treat Plantar Warts

Treatment of warts varies on location of the wart on the foot. Warts located on weight-bearing parts of the foot tend to be more painful, however new treatment options help to decrease pain and eliminate the wart very effectively.

Most commonly treatment involves chemical application to the skin to change the pH of the skin and starve the virus out of the skin.

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