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Foot Odour and Sweaty Feet – Causes and Treatment

Do you Suffer from Sweaty Feet?

Sweating is a natural process; it is a way for us to get rid of excess heat in our bodies. Most people experience foot perspiration and odour (usually during exercise and physical activity), but sweaty feet can be a persistent problem for some.

Possible Causes of Sweaty Feet

  • Stress on the foot
  • Structural problems with the foot
  • Strained or tired feet
  • Hot weather
  • Over active sweat glands (hormonal changes in adolescents)
  • Reaction to emotional or mental stress

Risks Associated with Sweaty Feet

  • Excess sweat can extract chemicals from your shoes
  • Chemicals from shoes can cause skin rashes
  • Bacteria from sweating promotes yeast, mold, fungus, and viral foot infections
  • Excess sweat can lead to athlete’s foot, yeast infections, warts, or toe fungus

How to Treat Sweaty Feet

  • Wash feet regularly and keep them dry
  • Use a surgical grade antibacterial soap to cleanse your feet and in between your toes
  • Use a washcloth and let the lather sit on your feet a minute before rinsing
  • Thoroughly dry feet with a towel

How to Prevent Foot Odour

  • Wear shoes that match the shape of your foot
  • Wear shoes that fit correctly
  • Avoid shoes with tight toe boxes
  • Choose leather or canvas shoes over synthetic materials
  • Do not wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row
  • Powder your feet before putting on your socks
  • Wear medium thickness acrylic socks. Cotton socks absorb but do not wick moisture away from your skin

If foot odour and sweat continues you may require clinical strength foot antiperspirants. Visit a chiropodist for professional advice on these antiperspirants.

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