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Thickened Toenails -Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Why do thickened toenails occur?

fungalThickened toenails can occur due to several reasons.

The most common reason is repeated micro trauma or one major trauma. The body thickens the nail to protect the toe. This new altered nail growth pattern cannot be reversed.

Another reason to have a thickened nail is due to a fungal infection of the nail. Fungus enters the nail after trauma to the nail. The fungus lives off the nail and leaves the nail thick, flaky and yellow. Very commonly, the fungus can spread between nails.

How to Treat Thickened Toenails

Treatment for fungal nail infections uses a topical antifungal nail lacquer available by prescription only.

If you are experiencing thickened toenails then visit the Foot and Health Clinic to have our Chiropodist access and treat your toenails.We’re located at 728 Burloak Dr. Burlington, just outside of Oakville. Book an appointment online or call us at 905-632-1414.

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