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Flat Feet – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Low arched, or flat feet, are a common type of foot structure. Most flat feet are pronated which is a foot in poor functional position. Close examination of this type of foot in a weight-bearing position shows:

  • Turning out of the heel bone away from the centre of the body
  • Inward rotation of the leg
  • Bulging of the inner aspect of the ankle
  • Shifting of the forefoot outward from the heel

Causes of Flat Feet

Flat feet can be caused by:

  • Loose ligaments holding the feet together
  • Bad footwear over a long period of time or during the development cycle in childhood
  • Genetics

Common Issues with Flat Feet


  • tendonitis
  • shin splints
  • plantar fasciitis
  • knee pain
  • bunions
  • calluses

Below are some of the common compensations seen throughout the entire body due to flat feet.

How to Treat Flat Feet

Treatment of flat feet involves realigning the feet to normalize function of the foot and lower limb. This is achieved by custom made foot orthotics. Custom made foot orthotics work to hold the foot in its ideal position while walking/standing so as to decrease strain on the musculature.

Visit the Foot and Health Clinic if you suffer from flat feet. Our Registered Chiropodist will assess your feet and create a custom orthotic solution. We’re located at 728 Burloak Dr. Burlington, just outside of Oakville. Book an appointment online or call us at 905-632-1414.

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